Slagmann, a new collaboration between producer Talismann and music ensemble Slagwerk Den Haag. For this live interpretation of their new album KRYSALIS, they join forces with visual artist Heleen Blanken. The outcome is an adventurous synthesis of hypnotizing rhythm patterns, organic soundscapes and captivating scenography – or, as the artists themselves like to call it, a “ritualistic experience.”


Slagmann is an initiative that arose from a shared curiosity for innovative sounds. Slagmann worked on this genre-crossing album. Talismann produced the album exploring the analogue set of instruments from Slagwerk Den Haag as a soundbank. Sometimes dreamy and dark, euphoric and explosive at other times, this mesmerizing cross-pollination between ritualistic percussion and drum machines will lure you into the murkiest depths of electronica and classical minimal music. The album has fourteen phases and will be released on Talismann Records.


For the visual identity of KRYSALIS and the scenography of the live show, Slagmann works together with visual artist Heleen Blanken. Fascinated by the perfection of nature, she has created a show where the chrysalis (the pop in which a caterpillar turns into a butterfly) becomes a symbol for transformation. Blanken not only uses video images for her rhythmical light show, she also makes use of a hanging sculpture and NAP framework software that was specially designed for KRYSALIS. Together with the three musicians and their remarkable collection of percussive instruments the aim is to take the crowd along on a collective experience.